Steel body with integral flanges and shaft bearing housings. Flanges are drilled per ASA Standards. Wafer or flangeless designs can also be furnished. Valve is not manufactured to AWWA specifications.Shaft: One-piece stainless steel shaft, extending completely through the valve disc.

Steel disc is fastened to the valve shaft by body bound bolts, positively secured in position by locking nuts. The disc hubs are machined flat at the points where the disc is in contact with the seat, resulting in a uniform pressure between the disc and seat at all points int he disc travel.

Synthetic or natural rubber, vulcanized in placwe within the valve body. The center section of the seat is raised to meet the valve disc — assuring a positive bubble-tight shut-off. The two shaft holes in the seat are smaller than the diameter of the shaft, creating a hugging effect and assuring positive leak-proof condition at these two points. Seat is of a keystone design for further assurance of retention within the valve body.

The valve shaft turns on roller type bearings contained within the bearing housings. Grease fittings are furnished for external lubrication of the shaft bearings.

Stuffing Boxes:
Stuffing boses are incorporated in the valve shaft bearings housings on both ends of the valve. The packing consists of a flax composition material, held in place by adjustable packing glands.

The valve is subjected to stringent leakage and hydrostatic tests at the factory before shipment. The workmanship in the fabrication and assembly of the valve is first class in every respect.

Furnished with worm gear reducers — and handwheel or chainwheel operators. Also furnished with mechanical stops to limit the disc travel in both open and closed positions. Position indicators are furnished for easy recognition of the disc location. Suitable mounting is provided for future automatic operation.

Furnished with a Kinney “Power Drive” motor operator or any other commercial drive unit. The valve can be opened or closed within any desirable time. Pneumatic cylinder operators can also be furnished.