The valve is manufactured under exacting conditions to provide the finest quality of workmanship. It is ruggedly constructed of welded, fabricated steel. It is a self-contained unit and is so designed that no supports are necessary other than those normally required for supporting the main. The valve is made up of three principal components:

The Body:
which is flanged for bolting in the gas main, and contains a removable seating ring.

The Pressure Plate:
one end of which forms a removable seating ring and the other end which contains a built-in expansion piece.

The Goggle Plate:
which is counter-balanced for quick, easy operation is pivoted to provide a free floating movement when the seats are separated.
The complete valve is contained between the flanges and no parts project beyond the face of the flanges. The bore of the valve is completed unrestricted. A drain can be provided for periodic flushing. A clean bore also reduces pressure loss through the valve.
In the event that the valve is inserted in a brick-lined main, special steel liners backed with insulating material can be supplied. Since sufficient column strength is contained within the valve, no additional support is required as the valve becomes a section of the main.
All Kinney-Miles Hydraulic Ram Goggle Valves are supplied as self-contained units, complete with a high pressure hydraulic pump and all of the necessary high pressure piping.
Valves are constructed according to customers’ specifications are requirements for operating pressures and temperatures. No additional services such as steam or water are required, the valve seating rings and goggle plate rings can be water cooled for high temperature applications.

The goggle plate is easily swung from the open to the closed position by means of a hand chain operating through a worm gear reduction box. For motor operation an electric driven actuator, incorporating torque and limit switch protection, is coupled to the manual operator with chain wheel and declutch lever provided for manual operation in event of an electrical power interruption. A hydraulic pump is used to activate the rams and can be remotely placed or located in the he vicinity of the hand chain. A special grad of oil is supplied and is adequate for any temperature service. When the valve is not in service and the hydraulic pump is switched off, the oil is under a constant low pressure which prevents air entering the system. The time required to operate the valve from the open to the closed position varies from 30 seconds to 45 seconds, depending on the size of the valve.


Full Main Opening Through Valve
clean unrestricted bore means NO PRESSURE LOSS.

Hydraulic Rams
the most simple and efficient means of force for reliable, powerful separation of valve seats.

Water Cooled Seats
for service temperatures in excess of 600o F available.

Positive Seal
powerful springs provide uniform pressure loading around the periphery of the goggle plate.

Renewable Stainless Steel Valves Seats.Stainless Steel Goggle Plate Seat Inserts
(replaceable in the line) . . . with renewable silicone sealing ring for absolute gas sealing.

Rams and Springs Placed Proportionate to Valve Diameters
guarantees equal seating pressure and instant non-stick release of goggle plate.

Positive Ram and Spring Action
Superior to thermal cam or toggle action goggle valves – no adjustments required. Eliminates expensive installation and costly maintenance of stream or water lines.

No Special Supports Required
other than those used normally to support the main.
In addition to the outstanding design features, the Kinney-Miles goggle valve has many other tested, dependable advantages. The valve comes equipped with a patented, self-contained alloy expansion joint, complete with flush-out connections. A stainless steel dust shield protects the expansion piece. Unlike thermal expansion type valves, the Kinney-Miles valve is not affected by temperature changes, no adjustments are necessary and the spring and cam can be replaced (if it becomes necessary) with the valve in position. The clamping mechanism moving parts are sealed from atmospheric conditions, preventing rust and corrosion. The valve is engineered for a minimum of maintenance; all valve parts are easily accessible. The goggle plate is counter weighted and remote controlled for easy operation, also equipped for manual or motor operation. Installation can be vertical or horizontal and may be totally enclosed for indoor installation, complete with open and shut markings. The valve is factory tested and is shipped ready for installation.

Ram and Spring:
The seating ring is forced against the goggle plate by springs which are opposed by hydraulic rams which exert pressure to overcome the springs and any sticking condition. Full seat separation is indicated by a pronounced rise in hydraulic pressure as the rams reach their limit of travel.

Expansion Piece:
Absorbs movement for seat separation, eliminating the need for a separate piece in the main, also adding convenience in positioning valve in the main.

Pressure Ring and Plate:
The ring on one end of the plate forms a seating ring. The opposite end contains packing and the expansion piece. Goggle plate seats and sealing ring are replaceable in the line.

Goggle Plate Pivot:
The goggle plate is counter-balanced and pivots on a special designed pin permitting a free, floating movement when the seats are separated.

Chain Tensioner:
The operating chain is kept in a firm position by means of a chain tensioner. Opposing adjustment nuts regulate the spring force needed to eliminate slack in the chain.