Simplified design, ruggedly and dependably built, easy to operate and economical to maintain – are the principal advantages of the Kinney Swing Goggle Valve. The valve will render an absolute tight shut-off in blast furnace, basic oxygen, open hearth or other gas mains. It is designed for vertical operation in a horizontal main – with rollers and other daptations provided for horizontal operation in a vertical main.
When in the closed position, a definite separation on each side of the goggle plate is assured – to prevent leakage of gas from one side of the goggle plate to the other. Should leakage occur between the goggle plate and hte clamping or stationary frames (due to improper clamping, for example), leakage will be admitted to the atmosphere and not around the goggle plate to the depressurized side of the valve.

Furnished in full main sizes – 30″ through 120″. Also available with oversized flanges for installation in a gas main where the main in size that the valve opening.

The valve will maintain a tight seal between the goggle plate and seating rings at an operating pressure of 15 psi and a shock pressure of 50 psi. It is normally furnished for an operating temperature of 700oF – but can be furnished for higher temperatures through the use of additional alloys of water cooling.

Lubrication fittings are provided on all movingparts. However, a centralized lubrication system can also be furnished.

Manual Operation:
The valve can be easily operated by one man, as follows; (1) unclamp the valve by turning the clamping drive chainwheel counterclockwise, (2) more the goggle plate to the desired position with the goggle plate chainwheel, and (3) reclamp the valve by turning the clamping drive chainwheel clockwise. This entire operation take approximately five to seven minutes to complete.

Motor Operation:
Kinney “Power Drive” motor operators (or equal) are mounted to the clamping and goggle plate drive shafts. They are interlocked through limit switches sot hat when the “OPEN” pushbutton is depressed, the clamping drive motor unclamps the valve and the goggle plate drive motor moves the goggle plate to the open position. THe clamping drive motor then reclamps the valve. When the “CLOSE” pushbutton is depressed, the valve unclamps, the goggle plate moves to the closed position, and the valve is again reclamped. A time element of only forty-five seconds is required to change the gogle plate position.
Chainwheels with declutch levers are furnished on the motor operators for emergency manual operation.


  • Full main opening through valve
  • Suitable for 15 psi operating pressure – or higher if desired
  • Installation in a horizontal or vertical main
  • Silicone rubber seats in goggle plate – contained in inserts which can be easily changed without removing valve or goggle plate from line
  • Goggle plate positioning rollers protect seats during operation
  • Self-supporting – sufficient column strength is contained within valve structure, eliminating the need for additional support from ground
  • Self-contained alloy expansion join – face-to-face dimension never changes
  • Absolute tight shut-off without use of water or steam lines
  • Three (3) point seat adjustment furnished on clamping mechanism
  • Clamping mechanism moving parts sealed from atmosphere
  • Frequent adjustments unnecessary as varying temperature changes do not affect operation
  • Stainless steel ring provided in valve body to prevent dust from entering expansion joint
  • Manual or motor operation
  • Simplified design permits one man operation
  • Goggle plate counterbalanced for ease of operation
  • Easy access – to all valve parts
  • Centralized lubrication station – if desired
  • Shipped completely assembled – ready for installation